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On Board Credit is a wonderful thing. 
It's like upgrading your cruise.
Use your $250 On Board Credit for
  • Shore Excursion
  • Sunset Cocktails
  • Spa treatment
  • Onboard Shopping
  • Wifi Package
  • Specialty Dining
Drinks on the deck
Nothing beats a good massage
Booking is part of the fun
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Quickfire Q &  A

What is On Board Credit (OBC)?

An account on the ship which you use for additional purchases.

How will I get the OBC prize if I win?

You provide us with your cruise info and we will have the $250 credited to your onboard account via the cruise line or your travel agent.

Does the prize apply to all regions?

Yes. It's $250 of the currency used on the ship you sail on. If the ship currency is not $, we will convert it to the currency used.

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